American cold. Five cases that were not under the power of the FBI

American cold. Five cases that were not under the power of the FBI

July 26, 1908 was established the Federal Bureau of investigation of the United States.

Established in 1908, the Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States is considered one of the most effective structures to combat crime in the world. On account of the FBI agents, the disclosure of thousands of the most complicated crimes in which the truth had to get literally bit by bit.

But over the 110 years the history Department has had a number of cases where even the most experienced detectives were forced to admit their impotence.

What crime puzzles and did not submit to the FBI?

The Case Of Dan Cooper

In the summer of 2016 the Federal Bureau of investigation has terminated for one of the most mysterious cases in its history — about the hijacking of the Boeing, which was committed on 24 November 1971.

“After one of the longest and thorough investigations in the history of the FBI, 8 July 2016 the decision was made to redirect the resources allocated to the case of Dan Cooper to focus on other investigative tasks,” — said in a statement on the FBI website.

November 24, 1971 at the airport of Portland in the number of passengers of Northwest Airlines on Board went up a man signs up as Dan B. Cooper. Shortly after takeoff, he passed a note to a flight attendant:

I’ve got a bomb in my briefcase. I use it if deemed necessary. I want you to sit next to me. Your plane hijacked.

The note also contained the requirement of 200, 000 dollars in unmarked twenty-dollar bills and two sets of parachutes.

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To prove the seriousness of his intentions, Dan B. Cooper opened his briefcase, in which a flight attendant saw the red cylinders, a large battery and wires, which convinced her that the bomb is real.

Power to save the lives of passengers and crew members decided to fulfill the demands of the invader. The plane landed at the international airport Seattle-Tacoma, near Seattle, Washington. The employee delivered the $ 200,000 and parachutes through the door at the rear of the aircraft.

The hijacker released all the passengers and after refueling ordered the crew to fly to Mexico.

Some time later, the crew from the readings found that Cooper opened the tail door of the aircraft. Hijacker jumped with a parachute and disappeared forever.

It is assumed that the jump was made over the South-Western part of Washington state. While Cooper jumped, the plane passed through a severe storm area, fenced off from all light sources from the ground cover of clouds. Track the parachute failed.

In the basic version of special services, Dan B. Cooper did not survive the jump, crashed upon landing. In 1980, father and son Harold and Brian Ingram found on the banks of the Columbia river Northwest of Portland, a bundle of old, faded twenty-dollar bills, presumably brought over from the top, from the North. The audit showed that the money really are a part of redemption, issued to the hijacker.

However, in 45 years of searching failed to confirm the death of Dan Cooper, and identify who is hiding under this name.

The murder of “Black Dahlia” Elizabeth short

January 15, 1947, the derelict land on South Norton Avenue, Leimert Park, near the border of the city of Los Angeles, was found cut into two parts and disfigured female body.

Failed to establish that the deceased is a 22-year-old Massachusetts native Elizabeth short.

In Los Angeles Elizabeth tried to be an actress, and also had Affairs with men, getting from them with money and expensive gifts. The girl was not a prostitute, and sexual relations with Boyfriends entered not too often, leaving a burning passion admirers out in the cold.

The police suspected that someone from the deceived Cavaliers was furious and decided to kill Elizabeth. Started checking pretty extensive circle of acquaintances of the deceased.

Given the complexity of the case, to work was connected to the FBI. The investigation into the murder of Elizabeth short was one of the longest and largest in history of U.S. law enforcement agencies.

In the suspects were several hundred people, several thousand were questioned. At different times in the murder admitted about 60 people, in 22 cases the killer’s name was called investigators. But in the end, all these versions have been refuted. The murder of Elizabeth short remains unsolved.

The murder of Carrie Graham and Francine Trimble

16 Dec 1978 14-year-old Carrie Graham and 15-year-old Francine Trimble, who lived in Forestville, SONOMA County, California, went to the Mall Coddingtown in Santa Rosa. More girls no one has seen.

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Concerned parents contacted the police, although the family at first Carrie wasn’t too worried — earlier the girl already ran away from home, but then returned to loved ones.

During the first months of the search, police considered all the versions — as a voluntary escape, and kidnapping.