Water, kvass and what’s sweeter: how to choose the drinks in the heat

Water, kvass and what’s sweeter: how to choose the drinks in the heat

MOSCOW, 25 Jul — RIA Novosti. Experts Roskoshestvo found out what beverage efficiently and effectively to help cope with thirst, and called the most popular tricks marketers, attracting attention to the product, says the organization.

According to experts, in the heat it is not recommended to quench the thirst of carbonated sweet drinks and liquids with high sugar content. Better to use more tea and drinking water.

However, it adds Roskoshestvo, from drink you can not give up completely: the main thing — to know the measure and choose a quality product without reducing the cost of the ingredients.

Water quality

When choosing a water should pay attention to its type: mineral, drinking and medicinal-table. “The last drink in a strictly dosed quantities several times a day for half an hour before meals, often warm or hot water, this type not recommended for quenching thirst, but rather for therapeutic purposes,” — noted experts.

The label should contain information about the category of water — the first or highest.

Water of the highest category, has improved characteristics from the point of view of mineralization. However, studies of Roskoshestvo showed that the quality and “usefulness” of water depends not so much on place of origin and species, which is stated on the label, but from manufacturers.Jelena Saratovstroisteklo Of Roskoshestvo

As demonstrated by the results of laboratory tests, water quality depends on the production capacity of the manufacturer in the part of purification and mineralization of bottled drinking water.

The study also showed that the water in which the optimal amount of nutrients was artificially made by the manufacturer, can compete on quality of drinking water from natural sources.

The composition and the rate of potrebleniya to the experts, “total salinity” is one of the most important properties of drinking water.

“Water quality will be composed of not less than 200-300 milligrams per liter of mineral substances”, — experts say. In addition, experts noted that the water quality is generally not affected by either her foreign origin or price.

“Domestic water is not inferior in its composition of foreign models, and often surpasses them in quality. When comparing water of the same brand made in different regions and of different sizes, the experts also saw no difference in terms of quality”, — stated in the message.

Choosing water, experts recommend to find water composition on the label: to quench your thirst, it is important that it does not have added sweeteners and flavorings.NewsNamed “unique” destroyer of health

Natural additives in water can be silver and iodine.

According to experts, in glass bottles, the water retains its useful properties longer even at non-observance of conditions of storage and transportation. When choosing a water you can pay attention to the bottom — in the water must not be precipitate.