User complained about his girl who eats a lot on dates

User complained about his girl who eats a lot on dates

He was particularly outraged that she prefers the meat to the salad.

Starting a romantic relationship, some girls are trying in the eyes of the elect to look better, and therefore prefer either completely refuse to eat on dates, or choose something “healthy” like a salad or yogurt. Apparently, these girls had gone to an unnamed author of the post, whose cry from the heart published in “Vkontakte”.

The young man in this post is genuinely surprised that his new girlfriend prefers normal food and without hesitation eats the same as he. The young man asked users Council, asking the question: “is It normal for girls not eat meat yet?”.

Very soon the comments came people of both sexes, who were generous expressions to the young man.

Normal girl finally caught, and he is outraged.

just Marie (@mc_eyebrows) July 22, 2018

I’m not physically eat 4-5 sandwiches for Breakfast (especially the guy at home?), but I don’t understand these “… meat”, the “… meat”! What??? Meat eat only men?

β€” ? (@lapaa_hey) July 22, 2018

“The girls ordered a small salad and everything” ??These girls then the house floor of the refrigerator eat.

β€” Ana Zagurska (@zagurska_ana) July 22, 2018

It’s expensive, well! To eat meat, it’s like the iPhone to ask!

β€” Almost Pink Dragonfly (@ket_matroskina) July 22, 2018

wow, what a wrong girl without an eating disorder

β€” mccaskey bagema (@Svetkoshka) July 22, 2018

My boyfriend is a medical student. To me he was a girl, who after rumbling with hunger stomach bought myself a mini Milkyway. He offered to eat normally, and she said she was full. It’s funny to remember his surprise and joy, when we sat down to dinner and I normally ate πŸ˜‰

β€” NatalliaBylina (@NB_Ravenpuff) July 22, 2018

Dude from the category of “I thought girls eat a rainbow, the Holy spirit, and poop butterflies” which lol)

β€” ochrolechia gurgle (@skemmtilegur) July 21, 2018

“I’m so ashamed that my girlfriend is a real person.” Uh?..?

β€” Ryska BjΓΆrk (@Bjorktobe) July 22, 2018

“And I noticed that when I eat, my boyfriend looks at me! Maybe he has a fetish? And then his friends went to the cafe and they ALL watched as I eat, so tomorrow I have to go with his friends to a barbecue, and I think, to go or not, suddenly they’re all perverts?!”

β€” Ksusha Ksusha (@mmm_Rain) July 22, 2018

I remember one guy I morning yogurt for Breakfast was served. And to the question “is a sausage?” is very surprised ?

β€” Tamara Spike (@Tamara_Kolos198) July 22, 2018

I know of one who hid food because he thought that his girlfriend eats too much) seem to begin to count the disabled

β€” Eva (@Evaveame) July 22, 2018

I hope that is trolling, what the hell

β€” the girl with a sad face (@BOGDANADZH) July 22, 2018