Ural doctors for the first time in Russia held in utero surgery on the brain of the child

Ural doctors for the first time in Russia held in utero surgery on the brain of the child

According to the chief doctor of the TLF, Professor albert Sufianov to this kind of surgery, doctors were preparing for several years.

TYUMEN, July 24. /TASS/. Tyumen doctors of the Federal center of neurosurgery (TLF) and the Ural research Institute of maternity and infancy (research Institute OMM) for the first time in Russia carried out an operation on the brain of the unborn child. About it on Tuesday have informed in a press-service of the TLF.

For the first time in medical practice of our country and for the second time in the world is made a complex in utero surgery on the brain child. It was conducted by a team of doctors from Tyumen and Yekaterinburg. The operation was conducted in the Urals research Institute OMM in Yekaterinburg.The press service of the TLF

The press service added that the 21-year — old patient, a resident of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YANAO) safely denounced son and gave birth to him in due time.

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“The baby in utero, and rapidly, started to develop several pathologies of the Central nervous system, one of the diseases — hydrocephalus. Excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the cavities of the brain destroyed it and increased the head size to save the baby could only surgery. I understand that it’s a risk, because in-utero neurosurgical interventions endoscopically have not yet done. For this kind of operation we have been preparing for several years, operated animals, my colleagues and I have worked out the details, consulted with foreign experts, taught each other, practiced on the simulators, but confidence appeared only when fully prepared the material and technical base and polished all the surgical steps”, — quotes the press service quoted the chief physician of the TLF, Professor albert Sufianov.

He noted that this experience opens the whole direction of neurosurgical procedures, which will help children in utero.

The sooner we begin to treat disease of the Central nervous system, the better the results, the recovery, less neurological deficit. Now experts are pinning their hopes on intrauterine neurosurgery, I’m glad that in my practice there was another opening.Albert Safianovskaya doctor TLFsOn the Federal centre of neurosurgery in Tyumen

The TLF of the Ministry of health created in Tyumen in 2010. During the period of its existence it carried out more than 18 thousand operations in neurosurgery. On the basis of the institution are five specialized departments and seven operating units, seven were launched in 2015 — this is the only hybrid intelligent operating with computer tomography, which allows to significantly increase the efficiency of the surgical treatment of most difficult diseases.