The vets told how to count dog years

The vets told how to count dog years

The old myth that animal 1 year is 7 human, not true.

People have noticed that the average dog lives about 1/7 of a human life, hence was born the myth. Modern veterinarians offer to share Pets ‘ life into several periods, and their duration affect the size of the pet. Time of life in larger animals are generally smaller than small, so much more important information for vet is the stage of development of your pet, not his real age.

Life dogs veterinarians offer divided into six stages: puppy — up to six months, small — from six months to 9 months to bloom up to 7 years adult — 10 years older — up to 13 years older 13 years or more, adjusting for the size of the animal. The same stages can be identified and the cats. Knowing these features, you can not only extend the life of Pets, but also to improve its quality at every stage.