The state Department released the “Crimean Declaration”

The state Department released the “Crimean Declaration”

The U.S. Department of state released the “Crimean Declaration”, according to which Washington does not recognize Crimea as part of Russia. The text of the document published on the official website of the Department.

“As in the case of Declaration of Welles, 1940, the United States reaffirm that their policy is the waiver of claims of the Kremlin on the sovereignty over the territory occupied by force, contrary to international law”, — stated in the Declaration.

It is noted that the USA together with allies promise to adhere to this position as long as the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored.

The document was signed by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

According to the Declaration of Welles, named for Secretary of state, Benjamin Sumner Welles, the United States refused to recognize Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia part of the Soviet Union. The Declaration formally operated until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Earlier, on July 24, reported on the extension of the ban on cooperation of the Pentagon and the Russian defense Ministry. In the report of the Committee on armed services of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress proposed to abandon the use of Russian military equipment and parts in American equipment, and to restrict Washington to recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine and joined Russia following a referendum held in March 2014. Kiev, EU, USA and other countries do not recognize the legitimate results of the voting. Moscow underscores that the referendum held in accordance with international law and accession of the Peninsula to Russia legally.