The bride with a toast kicked off the wedding mother-in-law

The bride with a toast kicked off the wedding mother-in-law

Oddly enough, many guests have approved of this act.

The lady Reddit under the name U/Icklebunnykins told a story that happened recently in a small English village.

According to tradition, during the wedding, the bride speaks, but then she decided to move away from the rules and took the floor.

Her speech touched the hearts of many.

I decided to toast my mother-in-law. This woman made my life hell. I know my fiancé for four years, and during this time she repeatedly tried to break us up.The bride

As it turned out, the groom’s mother really was not a gift. First, she “brought” her husband, and when he escaped and left her alone with the children, began to spoil life and to his heirs. My future daughter-in-law she hated, that he tried to get her fired at work, insulted and tried to disrupt the wedding, cancelling the reservation of the restaurant and ruining the bride’s wedding dress. When she realized that the celebration does take place, it appeared to him in a white lace dress, all the while crying and told the guests that this is the worst day of her life.

The couple, after some discussion, decided on the wedding to get rid of inadequate cousin. Finishing the toast, the bride said that she would like to drink if never to see his mother-in-law, and that the tears left from the wedding. Then the real fun began. The lovers gave guests cards with their new phone number and explained that I no longer want to communicate with the mother of the groom.