Named a way to destroy hypersonic Avangard

Named a way to destroy hypersonic Avangard

Gliding at hypersonic speed combat maneuvering unit “vanguard” is able to intercept space-based lasers, writes in the “Military-industrial courier” doctor of military Sciences, member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences, the captain of the first rank Konstantin Sivkov.


The military expert notes that the existing missile defense system capable of intercepting not manoeuvring hypersonic missiles, flying a predictable ballistic trajectory, but is powerless before maneuvering weapons.

“When firing at maneuvering target protivorakety have to “choose” deviation, measured in kilometers, which today is unattainable. Remains lose such blocks weapons based on new physical principles, such as laser. In space it has a future” — says Sivkov.

The expert notes that “while there is no such lasers and other weapons based on new physical principles,” resulting in “us missile defense even in the very distant future will not be able to resist the “Avant-garde””.

Sivkov believes that “Russia has the most advanced weapons in the world”, but for “organization of serial production of such weapons need upgrading in the sector, but not under the production of television sets, mobile phones and other high-tech civilian products.”

In March 2018 the head of the Strategic command of the armed forces of the United States General John Khayten proposed to focus on the spacecraft to prevent startup and to eliminate ballistic missiles and hypersonic aircraft.

About “the Vanguard” said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018 in the message to the Federal Assembly. According to the head of the state, winged combat unit complex is able to fly at speeds 20 times the speed of sound, “he goes to the goal like a meteor like fireball, the temperature at the surface of the product 1600-2000 degrees Celsius”, and “winged block securely managed”.

In the same month, the defense Ministry announced a contract for the serial production of the first batch of systems “vanguard”.