A football fan during the FIFA world Cup 2018 saved a stray dog in Sochi

A football fan during the FIFA world Cup 2018 saved a stray dog in Sochi

While their share of 13,000 km, but I believe soon they will unite.

Peruvian Ricardo Lazo arrived in Sochi for the 2018 world Cup football. After the match Peru-Australia, the day before his departure, he and his friends returned to the hotel in the afternoon and saw the little limping dog.

“I felt very sorry for her, I decided to pet her. As soon as she was in my arms, I realized that I can’t just leave her. Couldn’t leave her alone,” says the man.


— Chvostek (@petexperiment) 24 Jul 2018

That night the puppy did not move from Ricardo. Already in the morning, a Peruvian had to go to the airport, but he managed to find the dog shelter and veterinary clinic: “I wanted to take the dog with you! Doctor named Sasha said, of course, will take care of her. But you need vaccinations to be allowed to fly”.


— Chvostek (@petexperiment) 24 Jul 2018

The man threw the idea to take the baby with her to Lima, so he paid for the keeping and treatment and agreed with the doctors that as soon as the bead (as it was called at the shelter) is ready, it will send to Ricardo.


— Chvostek (@petexperiment) 24 Jul 2018

According to volunteers from the shelter, after his return to Lima Lazo constantly communicating with them through WhatsApp and is interested in the health of the Beads: “I figure out how to carry my baby girl in Lima. The shelter promised to help with vaccinations and documents for the flight. We need to calculate the cost of the trip. I’m thinking about a special fly to Russia to put me on a plane and I could see that she was all right.”

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