WSJ: Russian hackers gained access to the US power grid

WSJ: Russian hackers gained access to the US power grid

The hackers allegedly involved with Russia in 2017 was able to access the computers of the energy infrastructure of the United States. At their disposal could be tools for mass power outages in the country, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing Federal authorities.

We are talking about hackers from the organization Dragonfly or Energetic Bear. They were able to penetrate into considered secure isolated computer networks of American companies. To do this, the hackers broke into the computers of companies associated with the utilities contracts for the maintenance of their network infrastructure.

After that, the cybercriminals used the stolen personal data of employees of these firms to penetrate the networks of energy companies. The hackers managed to gather information about the working principles of the equipment and networks of producers and suppliers of electricity.

The Ministry of internal security of the United States argued that the victims of hackers were hundreds of companies. Their attacks were discovered in the spring of 2016, continued through 2017 and probably continues today.

In July, the U.S. government has charged in absentia charges of 12 alleged hackers from the Main intelligence Directorate of the Russian Armed forces in the investigation of alleged interference in the presidential election in 2016.

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