The number of victims of forest fires in Greece close to 50

The number of victims of forest fires in Greece close to 50

Rescuers still unable to penetrate in fire areas where the dead and injured.


Moscow. July 24. INTERFAX.RU — the bodies of 24 people who died as a result of a forest fire, found in a Villa 30 km from Athens, said Tuesday the local media, citing data from the red cross.

The resort village of Mati, where is Villa, according to estimates of the authorities, is the most affected from the fire settlement. According to the representative of the government, after the fire, Mother “practically ceased to exist”.

Previously, the government officially reported about 24 victims of the fire. More than 100 people suffered burns and injuries.

Rescuers involved in extinguishing the fire and evacuating people, do not rule out that the number of victims can increase.

While firefighters could not enter the areas affected by the flames, which also may be dead and injured.

The rescue operation involved military patrol boats, military helicopters, owners of private boats and boats that sea and by air to evacuate trapped in the fires of the people.

Earlier it was reported that Greece intends to ask the EU for help in fighting forest fires. The decision was taken after the authorities of the Greek capital has announced its intention to introduce a state of emergency in connection with the threats that fires pose to the city. Some of the inhabitants of the suburbs of Athens have been evacuated.