The Network has begun collecting signatures against the girl, who killed a kitten in the Altai

The Network has begun collecting signatures against the girl, who killed a kitten in the Altai

BARNAUL, 24 Jul — RIA Novosti. Residents of the Altai territory started collection of signatures for the punishment of the girl, dismembered in front of camera kitten, a petition posted on the portal

Its authors ask: “Apply the punishment for the dismemberment of a kitten to a 16 year old girl, Catherine Strauch!”.

“How easy it is to hurt someone weaker than you and cannot fight back. The last time such cases are becoming more. This time the victim of an unknown lady became a small kitten. A terrible murder has occurred yesterday in the village of mykhailivka, Altai Krai”, — the statement says.

On Tuesday morning a petition signed by over five thousand people.

Earlier it was reported that the Altai police began checking video, posted in social networks, where a teenage girl with an axe dismembers a kitten. The whole movie is accompanied by a laugh and a chat with a friend. Girl, isobella axe live kitten, was the daughter of the head of the Mikhailovsky village of Burlinsky district of Altai Krai Victor Strauch.

In August 2017, the Industrial district court of Khabarovsk has pronounced a sentence on business “Khabarovsk zhivoderok”. The court found that the victims were 15 animals and birds. In the course of investigation were opened and other crimes for which the participants of the punishment. Aliona Savchenko found guilty on a number of articles and received four years and three months imprisonment, Alina Orlova — three years and ten days. In addition, for animal abuse and killing of girls received 150 hours of compulsory work.

In December 2017, having considered the appeal of the convicts, the Khabarovsk regional court has reduced the period of detention for Savchenko to four years, Orlova — up to three years, as the Statute of limitations for crimes under article “Cruel treatment with animals” and “insulting the feelings of believers” has expired.