Strangers have arranged a dream wedding for a needy couple

Strangers have arranged a dream wedding for a needy couple

The world is not without kind people.

The couple, Buck and Matt from Queensland met at the hospital where both were treated for cancer. When they decided to get married, not hoping even for a small wedding — all the money went for drugs and medical services. And about the big perfect wedding, they could not even dream of.

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But that all changed when they met with the owner of a beauty salon Sylvia Jeffries. Learning about engagement and challenging situation, she decided to take part in their lives and publicly called on people to raise money for the wedding.

Her appeal was responded to by not only ordinary residents of Queensland, but the big businessmen who, through their efforts, arranged for Back and Matt’s fabulous wedding.

In addition to relatives and friends, the ceremony could come to anyone of those who made donations.

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