In Greece raging wildfires. Authorities say more than 50 dead

In Greece raging wildfires. Authorities say more than 50 dead

At least 50 people, as it fears the Greek authorities, was killed in forest fires raging near Athens. It is the largest of the fires in Greece for more than ten years.


The red Cross reports that 26 bodies found in the yard of the Villa in the seaside village of Mati, located at the epicenter of this natural disaster. Prior to that, according to official figures, the death toll was 24 people.

Rescuers on boats and helicopters to evacuate residents from the affected fire areas. The Greek authorities have requested international help.

Hundreds of firefighters are fighting the fire. Some residents of the suburbs of Athens, just in case, have fled their homes. A separate operation is performed at the search and rescue of 10 tourists who were saved from the fire, floating away on a boat at sea.

We do everything humanly possible to bring the situation under control.Alexis Ziprecruiter-Minister of Greece

Tsipras has cancelled his visit to Bosnia, to coordinate the struggle with the elements. Firefighters call the situation extremely difficult.

Most of the victims detected in Mati village, located 40 km North-East of Athens. The village was cut off from the road by a wall of fire; those who tried to leave the disaster area, burned in the cars, those who remained were overtaken by the fire at home.

At least 104 people were injured, 11 of them seriously. Among victims — 16 children.

In social networks there was video that captured burned houses, smoke orange sky and people trying to escape from fires in their cars. Residents of the most affected areas were forced to escape into the sea.

“Well, next the sea. The flames chased us to the water,” says Kostas Lahanas, who managed to escape. “The fire burned his back, and we dived into the water… I said “Oh my God, you need to run in order to survive,” he says.