Do you want to drink? Compatible with fitness and alcohol

Do you want to drink? Compatible with fitness and alcohol

Despite the seeming simplicity of the question and the obvious answer is not so clear. A series of summer evenings with an aperol and rosé perfectly sets off the hot working life, but what about those who are involved in sports? “Kommersant Style” has gathered the opinions of experts.

“Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you need to drink beer,” — said Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1977. And added whiskey in the protein shakes — he relaxed after training, and adhere to proper food plan. Nowadays, this scheme is somewhat unusual — at least among those in the active training process, these shakes are no one no longer allows. However, the debate about whether the affected party in physical form, do not cease.

The measure is necessary to know

We all have our own ideas about the amount of alcohol consumed and what is considered a safe norm. However, on this account it is the official data. “There is a low risk to the health of the consumption of alcohol, when he has expressed no negative health effects and does not cause significant consequences. For men is 3 servings per day (30 ml ethanol) or 21 a portion (210 ml ethanol) per week with the distribution throughout the week (2 days out of 7 without alcohol). For women — 2 servings per day (20 ml ethanol) or 14 servings (140 ml ethanol) per week with the same allocation throughout the week. However, their possible variation for each person taking into account his body mass, body condition and enzymatic apparatus, which breaks down alcohol,” — says Tatyana Zaletova, dietitian Grindin.

The positive properties of drink known to all — they help to relieve stress, improve appetite and help in social communication, especially shy people.

Remember Rajesh Koothrappali, one of the heroes of the series “big Bang Theory” — in the first series, talking to girls, he could only after a bottle of beer. The therapist confirms the Maxim Sologub:

Alcohol really helps most people cope with anxiety or other unpleasant emotions, some people uses alcohol in order to sleep, and some — to facilitate communication with other people. This is a quick and affordable for most people method.During the download an error has occurred.

But if you have a goal to lose weight, add muscle mass, to keep the achieved results, the conversation about the booze will go quite in another key. There are several points to consider in the training process.

NewsWhy for a hangover headache?

If you “leave the night”, don’t plan morning exercise. Amalia Israelyan, doctor-nutritionist Encore Fitness city believes that during the hangover to train is not necessary. “On the morning after ingestion of alcohol disrupted the cardiovascular system, which could involve increased heart rate, heart rhythm disturbances, high blood pressure. Also comes noticeable dehydration, reduced concentration of minerals in the blood,” she says.

After the first glass of wine starts to manifest appetite. Here we must be careful not “to throw” canapés or nuts, and try to lean on vegetables and protein foods like chicken or fish. In General, it is necessary to form the habit and the ability to say to yourself “stop”, then on the General training plan and physical form this evening unlikely to affect. Again, the question of periodicity.