The government announced measures to improve the quality of life of Russians

The government announced measures to improve the quality of life of Russians

In the project “Demography” includes programs to support families, promote employment of women and the promotion of health and creation of conditions for active longevity of the older generation.

MOSCOW, 23 Jul — RIA Novosti. The government developed the national project “Demography” to improve the quality of life of Russians.

The program includes Federal projects “Financial support for families with children”, “Create “nurseries” — promoting the employment of women”, “Older generation”, “Strengthening public health” and “the New physical culture of the population”.

The total funding of the project will amount to more than 3.5 trillion rubles.

The older generation and the promotion of health

In the framework of the state program, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged to create conditions for active longevity.

He noted that the Russians need to create the conditions under which they are not just going to live longer and lead an active, full and decent life.

“First of all, necessary health care for older people. This means that all kinds of health problems, we should strive to identify the early stages, this should be increased to the extent of the clinical examination, follow-up,” explained he.

The Prime Minister also added that in each region it is necessary to create geriatric centers and make the system of social services and care for older people modern and comfortable.

Thus, the project included measures to eliminate queues in welfare for the elderly. Under such institutions were nursing homes, psychoneurological boarding schools and geriatric centers.

In addition, the government plans to extend tax privileges on profits for establishments of social service before the end of 2020. Now the profit tax for organizations such reset.

Supporting families and promoting employment