The CEC submitted the documents to hold a referendum on raising the retirement age

The CEC submitted the documents to hold a referendum on raising the retirement age

Moscow. July 23. INTERFAX.RU — the Russian Central election Commission received documents about a possible referendum on the question of changing pension legislation, have informed “Interfax” the Secretary of the Commission of Maya Grishin.

“The CEC last week received a notice from Moscow election Committee on the possible referendum about the change in pension legislation”, — said Grishin.

She noted that at the moment the documents are in work, the matter will be considered at the meeting of the Central election Commission in accordance with the law.

“While date of consideration of this issue is not defined, but it should be held in the near future”, — said Grishin.

Under the law, the CEC within 10 days after receiving notice of a possible referendum should consider this matter in open session.

On 17 July the initiative group of representatives of the Communist party filed to the Moscow city election Commission documents on conducting such a referendum. On it suggests one question: “do you Agree with the fact that in the Russian Federation, the age of eligibility for appointment of insurance old-age pension must not be increased?”.

For a referendum you need to register the action sub-groups in the electoral commissions at least half the regions of the country.

At the meeting of the CEC shall determine whether the papers submitted by the initiative group, and formulated the question of law, then the municipal electoral Committee will make the decision on possibility of registration of the initiative group.

In June, the government of the Russian Federation in the state Duma introduced a bill for the gradual increase in the retirement age to 65 years for men (to 2028) and 63 years for women (to 2034). Currently, the age of retirement for men is 60 years for women — 55 years.

Last week the state Duma adopted a bill on pension reform at first reading.