“I can’t wait to get out of the damned of the taiga”. Why tourists are gone

“I can’t wait to get out of the damned of the taiga”. Why tourists are gone

MOSCOW, 22 Jul — RIA Novosti, Irina Halecky. Two tourists from the Perm region went missing in the Ural mountains. The alarm in social networks raised the daughter of Yulia Matveeva. Experienced travelers, they still found themselves in a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, extreme tours often depart people without any training. About how to protect themselves in the campaigns — in the material RIA Novosti.

Prematurely panicked

“Mom was gone with my uncle! Went to the mountains. Complicated route he could, anything to happen. Today the seventh day as not to get in touch,” published Diana alarming post.

It was supported by repost, the news is bypassed regional and Federal mass media. Fortunately, panic in vain: relatives of Diana showed up faster than the search swung into action on the ground.

“The route was really complicated, we have the car broke down. And the relationship could only go 15 Jul, says RIA Novosti, Yulia Matveeva. But we didn’t disappear. Our route was planned to 17 July inclusive, and such unplanned situations we have studied. Knew this friends from our club. If anything, to help us moved to other crews.” She is now in town and are even ready to apologize to the public for the daughter who had organized such a stir. And yet, Diane did the right thing.


Camping trips to go and everyone can. Good gear is sold in many stores and on the Internet a lot of posts about interesting routes. But it is important to remember to enter the forest or taiga and without losses to come out, we need not only skill and equipment. The main problem, said the tourist with the experience Victor Nangchen, that go traveling “savages” — without using the services of specialized companies.

“Savages” do not register and do not agree on the route with the MOE.

“It is much easier to search for the missing, knowing the route. If the movements of tourists is not known, the rescue efforts slowed. Just for the clarification of the circumstances when and who last saw missing, leave plenty of time,” he explains.

To register the route is very easy: you need to call the local emergency Department and call the number group, point of departure and date of return.

“It’s just one phone call! But most tourists ignore the precautions and does not even warn about the plans of relatives,” shrugged Victor.

The way to one end

Sometimes these fans are not only working on the route, but have no idea about the companions. So, three years ago 29-year-old Vadim Klassen lost in the forests of Bashkortostan. As told RIA Novosti his father Yuri is cool, Vadim went to the March on Inzerskiy of Zubchatki with an unfamiliar company.