“I can guess the password on any phone”

“I can guess the password on any phone”

Secrets of magic tricks, magicians frauds and terrible death magicians.

“What kind of magic do you do?” — hard to believe, but there is a place where this question is asked at every step. It’s not Hogwarts, though almost: every three years the international Federation of magic societies, conducts — attention — world of magic. This year it was held in Busan, South Korea. “Ribbon.ru” visited the competition and discovered a whole new world.

Tinker tailor soldier spy

Championship of magic — not a festival for the audience, but rather a professional conference for magicians, where magicians share their experience and draw inspiration. After the workshops and gala show, which takes place from early morning to late evening for several days, magicians gather in nearby bars or in the Smoking room near the Fairgrounds and trying to impress each other.

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One shakes off the cigarette ash into his hand, and within seconds, ash is in the clenched fist of the other person. The other asks you to choose one of seven images of the largest cities in the world, then taking pictures of the audience with the black “Polaroid” on his own phone — and magically on the frame he’s holding a card with the sights of new York.

Despite the fact that in childhood most loved tricks, this activity has largely fallen out of our lives, only occasionally flickering background corporate parties or children’s parties. The harder it is to believe, it is parallel to the ordinary world exists somewhere and developed a huge international community of people who seriously call themselves wizards and devoting his life to magic. And this field is more important than you can imagine: one of the visitors of the championship, the Dutchman Cornelis ROS, which, according to him, has long been a spy in Russia, talks about the unexpected impact focuses on international relations. Once on the sluggish negotiations with the participation of the foreign Ministers of several countries he was allegedly asked to show a trick, after which the atmosphere became more relaxed and all the questions were solved in an hour.

The world of magic — a separate world with its troubles, scandals and incomprehensible to outsiders local jokes. And, of course, with their secrets. Many magicians sell these secrets directly, with props and instructions for use. And some do develop magical devices, storing the drawings in the secret. Funny things happen:

When in Busan came on the scene one of the main idols of illusionists Cyril Takayama, he asked me to climb two colleagues and began to blow smoke from his hands. One of them laughed — and showed on smoke watch, which he himself invented. Takayama took them off again and let the smoke this time laughed another colleague, putting on stitched them a smoke jacket. Removing a jacket, Takayama issued a fire directly from their hands. People around me opened their mouths.“Breasts, naked women, that’s all”

There is always a risk that, causing the stage someone from the audience, you will be given your secret — because before you can prove your colleague. This happened with Frenchman Getanon Blum, who chose from the audience, Alexander Skachkova, which has 13 years of experience in magic. She understood how his stunt with the grapefruit and kiwi, which is suddenly torn playing card, but this is not the most interesting: Blum, who throughout the speech did not quite appropriate, though corresponding way, the remarks towards the girl, and then corrected the fallen strap on her dress and in the end tore her dress.

Yes, he was not very polite. But I must say, he worked for many years at the Crazy Horse is a cabaret in France, about the Breasts, Nude women, that’s all. But there was a point: men don’t understand women’s fashion, and he began to correct me of the strap — although it is conceived that they had to lie on his shoulders. But he wanted to create a comic effect. And tore my dress.Aleksandra Skachkova

According to Sasha, after participation in the room, she began to recognize as “that girl that Blum was called to the scene.” And all the time asking what she had forgotten at this Congress. “Easier for people to believe that I’m someone’s wife or assistant, than in the fact that I’m a magician. Initially I thought it would be a very cool thingy — that in this area there are no women, and so I would be cool. But it turned out that it is very difficult to change the stereotypes. When you say “magician”, the man is the man in the cylinder, preferably with a mustache, and a woman certainly does not fit into this model. It was hard for me. The worst part, my friends, my community, who always support me, didn’t believe it: they thought that I, on the contrary, everything goes just because I’m a girl,” she says.

“I can do magic with the audience”

Almost all magicians admit that the stunts arranged simple. Yes, in the case of minor magic such as cards and coins — requires years of daily training for several hours. The rest — a trick, and then important props. “I’m creating the props, all the prototypes made by me. You create a prototype, you know that it works, and go to the master. I had the room for which I needed a certain kind of glow stick. The engineers made it more than a year, I came to see him once a week, we were testing… when they finish, I just no longer wanted to do this room. And that cane is lying on my shelf,” says Skachkova.

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Really good magician props are not necessary, says the illusionist, Alexander Murtaev. “In everyday life I am unable to do magic without using props. Phone viewer, for example. To guess the password on the phone or guess the intended audience contact. Or take the rubber bands for hair from women in the audience and they show focus. Or with coins. Cool to be able to perform magic without using any props. But in everyday life I always carry a deck of cards — it can be infinite to show that, combining with other common items. Remember, invented the trick on the go, when you think the card was in the teapot under the tea leaves,” he says.

With small magic, which requires no special props, usually all begins: for example, card tricks is not costly, and books with instructions can be found in any bookstore.

“My first set was the trick with the pins, which were three balls — you, the viewer was given any pin behind, and you’ve determined the color of the balls on the pin: red, yellow or blue. The point was that you reveal a pin back, and one sharp, the other blunt, the third still something, can’t remember. Interesting focus — I guess they can still surprise someone. The second focus was with the bowl in her water would come out. There was a false bottom: you pour the water, and it again appears there. Was still focus, when in a special flask was thrust rope, but doesn’t stick out,” says Murtaev about its formation.

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But for an established magician, conquering Las Vegas, the price rises to sky-high numbers. According to Burataeva, good props can cost over a million rubles: “If we see the Internet video with a focus and we like it — we get that. Buy the secret along with props. Price range — from a dollar and up: recently I bought a prop that was worth 350 thousand rubles. For $ 30 you can buy a card trick where card turns blue in red is there a special card you such will not do. There is a very good and expensive illusions — for example, a magician appears a real helicopter in the whole scene, and here is the helicopter worth $ 18 thousand, more than a million rubles. This is one of the most expensive properties”.

Sleight of hand and a little bit of fraud

Magic tricks are often designed so that an object, be it a card, coin or watch, disappear directly into the eye of the beholder. Involuntarily start to think, but if they can steal from the purse. And when talking about guessing the code from the phone — here in General it seems that before the magician opens the wonderful world of reseyl iPhones. But no illegal dealings magicians ply rare, says the magician and shop owner “Mockus” Dmitry Rybkin.

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“In principle, all depends on the person: if he has a tendency, say, to steal, then it is possible that he can use his skills. In my practice, I knew a couple of people who lived on it. One little steal in the shops on the little things, and to him these things were not even needed, but there was some excitement that he can pick it up so that no one will see. Another case — quite the opposite situation: I know a card shark that first hunted card games, and then he had the idea to start doing tricks, arose, we can say that the interest in the tricks. And so each man of mystery, and I do not exclude that sleight of hand is used for bad purposes. Still, such people are few,” he says.

“Hysteria, shock, panic, tears”

To create a spectacular stage show by professional magicians have assistants and assistants — not just the stage that appear out of nowhere or magically disappear, or those who cut in two, but those who help to prepare the room behind the stage and are responsible for props. You should be very careful in choosing these partners, because it often depends on them too much, and you have to be sure that they will not fail.

Once we were in Kazakhstan on a very large event — there were thousands of concert. I announced on stage, I had to go with one hand and with the other assistant was supposed to roll out the illusion of the camera. And assistant is rolling out its wrong, and the road breaks and breaks. And that’s all. Room no. I ran to the dressing room, locked myself in it, I was hysterical, shock, panic, tears I didn’t know what to do. But I took myself in hand and went on stage. The room was divided into two parts: the Intro and the main part. And I just did the Intro, as if it is the room.Aleksandra Skachkova

Of these situations all come in different ways, she says: “I Have another favorite story — I told it to one magician, and she inspired me. Was a great event for a very large company. On the stage was supposed to be a huge element, let’s call it this way: had done a great job, he was brought from another country to China. Involved was a huge amount of machines, people, training was several months. The audience of 800 people. And on stage was a collapse and everyone saw the secret. And the magician was superioty, from around the world. And he left the stage to the dressing room, sat there and didn’t know what to do. But then he took himself in hand, came out — and every one of this crowd of 800 people personally showed magic. After that, there was not a single negative review”.

“Pierced through the hand to the birthday girl”

Recent history with the most famous magician on the planet David Copperfield showed that magic is not only difficult, but also not always safe. In April, the court forced the magician to reveal the secret of his business cards — the disappearing act people.

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This happened in the framework of the investigation on the case of the Briton Gavin Cox: he stated that he suffered during the show, Copperfield in 2013. Him and 12 other people were chosen to hold the trick, in which people disappear from a suspended on the stage of the cell, and then suddenly appear in the hall — the result of manipulation associated with focus, the Briton dislocated his shoulder and damaged his brain.

According to Burataeva, such situations occur frequently: “there was a case where the illusionist in St. Petersburg showed the trick with the piercing: the trick lies in the fact that there are five packs and four empty, and one pin, and the magician hand of the viewer tries to determine where the pin no, and beats hand on the package. And he pierced through the hand to the birthday girl. This lack of professionalism. I was shown this trick three, he is very dangerous. You should know all the moments in which you may be wrong — and the audience is unpredictable. I stopped to show this trick when I asked the audience which of the packages is a peg, and a drunken spectator said, “I think that here” and slapped myself. Thank God, got the empty package and everything worked out”.

To traumatize the viewer is a case of extreme and exceptional. But themselves magicians do not regret. At the same Copperfield was the story of when, during a focus with a pair of scissors and a rope he cut a piece of a finger but gave no sign, and finished the show until the end. “Ten years ago, I saw the rope trick at the home of friends, and I was given a pair of scissors that cut metal. And I cut off a piece of a finger. I could not stop the blood a day,” says Murtaev.

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And it continues — just in black paint: “a lot of cases when magicians die due to the fact that the trick is very complicated, and, well, not always everything depends on you. When, for example, put you in chains and thrown into the water, it is clear that you arbitrarily a master can unleash a chain, but there exist cases where, for example, in a children’s camp, the master of sports of international class in swimming drowned, because he brought the leg. Anything can happen when you throw on the seabed: pressure, attack, fish has swum within. It’s not always up to you. There are many cases where huge glass box put the girl in chains and she’s trying to break free. But it is covered with a cloth, and nobody sees what is happening inside — inside she loses consciousness, unable to breathe. And people dying.”

“If I take a coin and it disappears in my hand — it’s a simple technique”

Despite the risks and tragedies, a magician, a profession in which you can achieve a lot. The most successful magicians perform in Las Vegas or their own illusions. To climb the corporate ladder is an easier way with competitions and TV shows — now it is time to surprise not mere mortals, and professionals, and it is difficult.