Found the unluckiest Koala in Australia

Found the unluckiest Koala in Australia

She was saved from trouble for the third time.

In Australia a curious Koala poked his head into the substation fence and got stuck. For salvation was caused by experts who then conducted an inspection of the animal. Veterinarians noticed when viewed in ear yellow tag, which meant that the Koala had saved, reports Inside Edition.

It wasn’t a great start to the day for this curious ? who got his head stuck in a fence at our Happy Valley substation. A big thank you to Fauna Rescue SA and our St Marys crew who released the Koala and took him into care for a check-up before his release back into the wild.

— SA Power Networks (@SAPowerNetworks) July 19, 2018

It turns out that in 2016, the animal was found sick in the woods, and he was treated. And then a Koala was hit by a car, and also needed treatment. Fortunately, the animal was as tenacious as unlucky. “My planet” reported that the police “arrested” a Koala for a traffic violation,

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