The giant trump sailing along the coast of San Francisco

The giant trump sailing along the coast of San Francisco

MOSCOW, 22 Jul — RIA Novosti. Inflatable figure with a height of 10 meters, depicting US President Donald trump in the form of chicken-the prisoner went in swimming off the coast of San Francisco on Sunday, reported local TV channel Kron 4 News.

The giant trump chick is dressed in a robe inmate number 00045, in honor of the fact that trump is the 45th American President. Figure, mounted on a ship, sailed from the pier at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. It will travel along the coast and return to the departure point.

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As reported on the official campaign website Chicken Trump (“trump chicken”), this inflatable figure was made to order in China as a “symbol of the protest movement” against trump and first appeared in America on the March in San Francisco on 15 April 2017 where the protesters demanded from the President to publish the tax return. After that, trump is a chicken managed to participate in several protests.

Despite the campaign name, Trump Chicken, on the website States that “any similarity between the prisoner 00045 and the President of the United States is a pure accident,” and any comparison with the figure of tramp is “most fake of fake news”. Trump Chicken campaign is funded by donations through the GoFundMe platform.

Trump is feuding with journalists, often calling them “fake” and “enemies of the people”.