Ex-CIA chief urged trump to disclose the content of talks with Putin

Ex-CIA chief urged trump to disclose the content of talks with Putin

Moscow. July 21. INTERFAX.RU — the Content of negotiations “tet-a-tet” between presidents Donald trump and Vladimir Putin during their summit in Helsinki must be made public, said Saturday in an interview with Fox News former CIA Director Leon Panetta.

Approval of the TV channel, Putin assured trump that in the coming November mid-term elections in the U.S. Congress there will be no Russian interference.

Previously, the newspaper The Washington Post wrote that before the meeting with Putin, Trump has been presented about 100 pages of material that was supposed to help the President of the United States to develop a tough stance on Russia, but he decided to act at their own discretion.

That U.S. authorities have indicted 12 alleged members of the Russian intelligence services, said the Deputy US attorney General Rod Rosenstein. According to him, we are talking about GRU.

Charges were brought in the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller on possible relations team trump with Russia.

Suspects accused of hacking into computer networks of the National Committee of the Democratic party USA, the Committee on elections to the Congress of the US Democratic party, the election headquarters of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and publishing stolen as a result of the hacking of emails on the Internet.

HelpWhat you need to know about the investigation of the relations of the President of the United States with Russia

Even Donald trump.

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