Appeared the rating of “selling” citizenship countries

Appeared the rating of “selling” citizenship countries

News Agency Bloomberg published a list of ten of the States whose nationality can be obtained by investing in their economies.

Eight countries classified by the IMF as offshore zones. However, as indicated earlier, most of the rich people are buying citizenship, not for tax evasion, but for bragging rights and security.

If you have a boat and two aircraft, the next thing you need a Maltese passport. This is the last status symbol. We have clients who simply collect them.Christian kälin is the head of Henley & Partners

The most expensive cost of Austrian passport: it is necessary to invest in the country’s economy $23.75 million This practice in Austria exists since 1985.

Followed by Cyprus, whose citizenship will cost ten times cheaper — $2,375 million Closes the three leaders of Malta with $1,065 million for the passport.

Next come Turkey ($1 million), Vanuatu ($226.5 thousand), Grenada ($208 thousand) and Saint Kitts&Nevis ($150 thousand).

The cheapest you can get citizenship in Saint Lucia, Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda $100 thousand investment. In addition, the tax from income to capital gains is they have 0%.

Meanwhile the majority of Russians prefer to live in Russia and would not like to move abroad. This answer was given by 88% of respondents in the study Polls, results of which acquainted “Izvestia”.