Trump is willing to impose duties on all imports from China

Trump is willing to impose duties on all imports from China

The US President Donald trump has made it clear that, if necessary, to impose duties on all imports from China. He stated this on Friday in an interview with CNBC. Such rhetoric signifies a further escalation of the trade war between Washington and Beijing.

In an interview, trump once again lamented the large deficit in trade with China and said he believes it is “very unfair.”

According to official data, last year, the US imported from China goods worth $505,5 billion but exported only $129,9 billion. “I am ready to reach $500 billion,” said trump, referring to the imposition of duties on all imports from China.

While the two largest economies of the world have imposed against each other 25% import duties on $34 billion each (another $16 billion will enter into force later). Since Beijing has responded to these measures by Washington, the White house last week said he will consider the introduction of a 10% aqueous import duties on Chinese goods by $200 billion, and has already made their list. Duties on $200 billion will come into force not earlier than in September that American business had the time to speak about included in the list of goods. Trump warned in July that it is ready to impose duties on imports by $300 billion.

If the US imposes new tariffs, China will not be able to answer them mirrored arrangements.

So Beijing is considering other measures, the WSJ wrote, citing familiar with the plans of the officials. It can be a longer check goods from the US at the border and a longer consideration of mergers and acquisitions involving American companies.

According to trump, some Chinese officials told him that before he came to power in the White house, “nobody would have complained” on the trade policy of China. But trump is “now not just complains,” Beijing “don’t like what he’s doing.”

However, trump said that “I do not want to scare” China and “wishes him well”.

“I’m not doing this for politics but doing what is right for our country — gives CNBC his words. China screwing us for a long time.”