Scientists told the who owns found in the black sarcophagus of a mummy

Scientists told the who owns found in the black sarcophagus of a mummy

CAIRO, July 20 — RIA news, Margarita Kislova. Discovered in black the Alexander sarcophagus, three mummies belong to damaged, most likely killed in the ancient battle soldiers, said the head of the Department of antiquities of Egypt, Mustafa al-Vaziri. Such preliminary conclusion scientists have come, having studied the preserved skull with typical damage with melee weapons.

“A preliminary study of the skulls showed that buried in the sarcophagus the people most likely to have been military — one of the skulls clearly visible damage from bladed weapons, which led to the death of this man in battle”, — quotes the words of al-Vaziri Egyptian newspaper “al-Bawaba”.

On the eve of the representatives of the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt carried out an operation of decompression and recovery devotional the lid of the sarcophagus. On Friday it planned to raise from the earth the underside of a granite monument, total weight is 25-30 tons.

He noted that the mummies have been badly damaged by water that leaked into the coffin through a crack. Scientists now we have to figure out who exactly was buried here, it is also planned using modern technology to restore the appearance of the buried warriors.

Untouched by looters sealed the mysterious gigantic sarcophagus of black granite older than two thousand years was discovered in early July, when carrying out construction works under one of the buildings in the city of Alexandria. In the same place at a depth of five metres was found a 40-centimeter fragment of the statue of the man of marble and some other artifacts.

It was reported that on-site excavations may be monuments of the Hellenistic period of Egyptian history (about the 332-30 BC). In the same area are already open burials relating to the IV century BC.

The mystery of the sealed sarcophagus has generated a lot of rumors in the Egyptian and European media. In Egypt talking about the “curse of Pharaoh” and that the sarcophagus, not likely was still open and looted because of a certain “evil”, the prisoner in it. Fears fueled by the unusual black color of the monument and its giant size (265 centimeters in length, and 185 in height and 165 — wide). The Western press made the assumption that the sarcophagus could belong to Alexander the great, burial place which still not been found.