Gangster bullet. Those involved in the underground surgery

Gangster bullet. Those involved in the underground surgery

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti, Irina Halecky. Online advertise services for confidential treatment of gunshot and stab wounds. Assure that the bullet will get quickly, the police do not inform. That’s just covering up possible crimes pulls on.

RIA Novosti understood who engaged in such “business” and that it is known to doctors and the investigating authorities.

Competitive offer

“Many are faced with the wounds on combat courses, accident in the home, in easy fight, hunt or shooting range. Such seemingly simple cases, but these injuries cause increased attention of law enforcement and create problems when applying to medical centers”, — stated in the announcement of one of the Moscow private clinics “Mojica 10”. Advertising clarifies that clinic with a similar injury are ready to work round the clock, and if the client will not survive, doctors “will handle all the paperwork and hand over the body to the morgue”.

The clinic with the same name exists. And, according to the official website, its main profile is the treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. The operator of the call center assured the correspondent of RIA Novosti news Agency, clandestine services “Mozhayke 10” do not have, but the text on the Internet — “the handiwork of competitors.”

Black PR managed — in medical center really began to ring with questions about injuries. “We even have to keep a record. If a person is too insistent requests to perform an operation, we record its data and pass to the police. It is their clients”, — explained the employee of the clinic.

Hello again, dashing 90-e

“Demand creates supply. It may seem that such a business was relevant only in the 1990s, but actually he is in demand now,” says the correspondent of RIA Novosti on condition of anonymity, one of the surgeons of the Tyumen region.

It is more than ten years working in the city hospital, but sometimes it performs a simple clandestine operations abroad. According to him, the need for alternative source of income has been felt for a long time — the salary is not enough, and needed to feed my family and pay the loans. Therefore, when the representatives of the criminal world was offered a job, the medic thought for a long time, but agreed.

At home surgery I’m not doing individual study, either. I brought to a certain gate, so to speak. The money is given to the hands. Operations are different, depending on the damage and the solvency of the client. Cut the wound can be closed for 20 thousand, firearms — 100.

If the damage is strong, involves the work of colleagues (“only his, no stray passengers”) and even the operation itself makes to the hospital by agreement. “In theory, the price can reach up to one million rubles. But now such cases are almost never, too dangerous and a lot of informers,” says the surgeon.

The Hippocratic oath is true

Similar suggestions part doctors react calmly. This does not contradict the Hippocratic oath, so no moral agony the doctor does not occur, the lawyer, in the past the medical examiner Konstantin Trapaidze.

In the late 1990-ies is pretty tight I had to communicate with representatives of various criminal crews who came to take the bodies of their comrades. They often asked questions — will I be able to operate quickly? The group were quite wealthy. And those who were preparing criminal wars, knew that to get to the hospital is not necessary. So try to look for personal physicians. Not always it was physicians, sometimes working qualified veterinarians.Konstantin Trapezoidal, in the past the medical examiner

Doctors ‘ support was not only in a confidential operation. “At the time of famous thief in law in Moscow there was a conflict with one group. On “arrow,” they brought the guns right in the ambulances. Car with flashing lights is not inspected, and if something happens you can immediately pick up wounded soldiers,” he recalls.

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Decades later, the overall situation has not changed, the expert believes. In the official medical institutions to provide this kind of help is almost impossible. But highly skilled physician is able to sew up the wound even at home, almost in military-field conditions. And large groups can easily equip yourself operating.

“Criminals are a lower rank and pay of an anesthesiologist, and intensive care. However, do not always have the guarantee that after this doctor they don’t kill. But most often looking for a medic for long-term cooperation. With him do not lose touch, even when demand for services there continues Trapaidze. — Do not forget: if a medic enters the group, his actions can be qualified as aiding and abetting or complicity in the crime.”