American passed 30 km on foot to get to work on the first day

American passed 30 km on foot to get to work on the first day

His act was appreciated.

20-year-old student from Alabama Walter Carr got a summer to work as a loader. But already in the first working day it was waiting for trouble. The day before he lost his old car. Friends are unable to help the guy to get a job in a nearby town (about 30 kilometers), and the night buses don’t run. Therefore the only solution was to go there on foot.

Proud to have encountered this young man. He certainly made an impact on us!#PelhamPD #belikewalter

— Pelham Police Dept (@PelhamPoliceAL) July 16, 2018

Walter left the house about midnight and eight in the morning had to be in place.

But everything turned out better: on the way he met the police, who, hearing his story, tossed it to the nearest cafe and bought Breakfast. They also gave information about the purpose driven guy to his colleagues in a nearby town, and they brought the young man straight to work on time.

The mistress of the house, which Walter was supposed to help with the move that morning, so impressed by his story that he wrote about it in a Facebook post, which quickly became viral and reached the Director of the company.

A man in his Twitter officially thanked Carr for the dedication, but after a couple of days, accompanied by most of those police officers and several journalists came to meet the guy in person and gave him my (almost new) car.

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