Rare kittens found in the Scottish mountains

Rare kittens found in the Scottish mountains

In the UK rescued two rare Scottish forest kittens. This was reported by newspaper the Independent.

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Animals found in the mountains of Scotland, representatives of animal protection organizations Wildcat Haven (a”haven for the wild cats”). Two kittens at the age of two months lost her mother, was hungry and suffered from dehydration. The animals were transported to a rehabilitation center.

“They will grow up in a large kennel in the woods. People will interact with them to a minimum, but will provide them with the best possible veterinary care. We will release them when they reach the age when I can live independently”, — reads the statement of Wildcat Haven.

Based on the detected individuals of the population of the species increased by six per cent, from 35 to 37 representatives.

At the end of March for the first time managed to shoot Scottish wild cat gigantic proportions. Length of the animal, which he called “clashindarroch beast”, presumably, is 120 centimeters from nose to tip of tail.

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