USA decided on the attitude to Russia

USA decided on the attitude to Russia

The US President Donald trump said that he does not consider Russia an enemy. He told this in an interview with Fox News channel.


“They have a strong army, but their economy, as you know, much smaller than China. I don’t even want to use the word “adversary” (an adversary). We can work together, we can [it] to do, everyone can live in peace,” said trump in response to the question whether he considers Russia as the main enemy.

Earlier, trump claimed that perceive Vladimir Putin as an enemy, but as a competitor (competitor), but hopes that one day he might become a friend. The Russian presidential aide on foreign policy Yuri Ushakov said that Moscow considers the us leader as a negotiating partner.

On July 17 the President of the United States recognized Russia’s intervention in the American elections. He stated that he misspoke during the summit Russia-USA in Helsinki, saying that he sees no reasons for which Russia could intervene in elections.

In July the world Bank published the renewed rating of the world economies. The Russian economy in 2017 took 11th place with a GDP of 1.58 trillion dollars. The first line is the USA (to 19.4 trillion dollars), in second place was China (12,2 trillion), closes the top three Japan’s economy (4.9 trillion).