Trump believed in Russia’s intervention in the American elections

Trump believed in Russia’s intervention in the American elections

The President of the United States Donald trump acknowledged Russia’s intervention in the presidential election in 2016. He told this to journalists during a conversation in the White house, reports Fox News.


“I accept the conclusions of the intelligence community that occurred intervention (Russia in the elections), could be other people. And there was no conspiracy,” said the President of the United States. Trump said that he fully trust the security services and there are no reasons for which Russia could not interfere in elections.

Trump said that he misspoke at the meeting with Vladimir Putin on 16 July, when he dismissed the charges against the Russian intervention in elections.

“Let’s look at things realistically: Russia’s actions had no impact (on the outcome of the elections),” added trump.

The American leader has promised to “aggressively” to prevent any attempts of interference in elections. He added that U.S. sanctions against Russia will continue.

July 17, Tuesday, trump said that the meeting with Putin was much more successful than the NATO summit that brought him fierce criticism from the Americans.

July 16, at a joint press conference with President Putin of Russia, the American leader said that the scandal with the Russian intervention in the elections of the U.S. “both sides are to blame”. He explained that he sees no evidence of Russian “footprint” in elections, which the Kremlin denies.

On 6 July President of the United States recognized that Russia could interfere in the American elections, adding that it could make people from other countries.