The Vatican has allowed prospective “brides of Christ” to have sex

The Vatican has allowed prospective “brides of Christ” to have sex

Women who decided to dedicate his life to the service of Christ, were allowed to retain their virginity. This is stated in the document published on the official website of the Vatican.

“A call to swear in virginal, spousal, and fruitful love of Christ is not confined to the physical symbol of innocence”, — stated in the document. Now virginity is not a prerequisite for passing a rite of passage.

The new rules could involve the religious beliefs of women who have had a sexual relationship with a man, and widows.

American Association dedicated to the virgins said that shocked by this development. They reminded the Vatican that the tradition of the Catholic Church has always been based on the gift of virginity, both spiritual and physical.

Worldwide, there are about five thousand “brides of Christ” secular women who did not join the monastic order, but devote themselves to the service of Christ. During the ceremony they wear white outfits and make a vow not to marry and sexual relations. They wear wedding rings as a symbol of their vows. Previously to initiation into the “bride of Christ” is permitted only virgins.