In Turkey lifted the state of emergency

In Turkey lifted the state of emergency

18 July in Turkey came to an end the state of emergency imposed by the authorities on 20 July 2016 after a failed coup.

Informing about cancellation of the regime, the Turkish authorities stressed that “the fight against terrorism will continue and we will take the necessary laws.” In this connection, to Parliament for discussion has already passed a draft of the measures for the period after the lifting of state of emergency.

The project, in particular, provides local authorities with powers to restrict the admission of individual citizens in several Turkish provinces, if there is a suspicion that these citizens can “disturb public order”.

In addition, the list of justifications for banning demonstrations.

For two years the actions of the state of emergency in Turkey, according to independent Turkish news Agency Bianet, has been arrested more than 228 thousand people on suspicion of involvement in the coup attempt, dismissed more than 134 thousand civil servants, instituted proceedings against 17 089 users of social networks on charges of promoting terrorist organizations, or inciting hatred, closed 174 media 1414 NGOs, 145 foundations, 15 universities and 19 unions.

Alena Miklashevskaya