How much is a cemetery plot in Moscow?

How much is a cemetery plot in Moscow?

Is it possible to advance in life, reserve your “last resort”?

In Moscow, 136 cemeteries. 75 of them have areas that are allocated for family (ancestral) burial. Here you can pre-select the area you want and buy it officially from the government of Moscow. The price ranges from 25 thousand rbl. on Cherkizovsky cemetery up to 4 million rubles on Troekurov.

As have explained in Moscow city funeral service free cemetery plot for Muscovites relies entirely on Perepechenko cemetery, located on the 32nd km of the Leningrad highway.

And, you can purchase a niche in a columbarium (29 Moscow churchyards) for the burial of urns with ashes. The cost of the cells more affordable — an average of 15-25 thousand Of all the columbaria the highest prices on Vagankovsky — to 300 thousand rubles.