Fishermen are planted of the courts

Fishermen are planted of the courts

The FSB wants to limit the use of foreign fleets.

Border service, the FSB has warned fishing companies about inadmissibility of use of vessels owned by foreigners for the carriage of goods. Only in the North pool on such transport accounts for about 70% of the total fleet. The ban threatens the industry additional logistics costs at 12 billion rubles. per year, which may affect the value of the final product, fear market participants.

Of the border service of the FSB of Russia in the early to inform the fishermen may on the inadmissibility of the use of cargo ships owned by foreign entities, told “Kommersant” in the Russian Association of fishermen (VARPE). Previously such claims were not filed, if the ship had the right of navigation under the state flag of the Russian Federation, and it was operated by Russian entities under agreements to bareboat Charter (chartering a vessel without crew). VARPE learned about the position change of the FSB from several enterprises of the Northern basin. Last week President VARPE Herman Zverev about the problem in his letter advised the Chairman of one of the largest mining companies of Kamchatka RK named after V. I. Lenin (volume of catch is 80 thousand tons per year) Sergey Tarusov.

Fishing companies often have a limited fleet and enter into contracts for the delivery of catches from fishing areas, explains Herman Zverev.

Due to the limited conditions and time of storage of the company’s products are often depending on the availability at the right place and the right time of a transport vessel, said Mr. Trusov.

In addition, he said, the market for Maritime transportation is an obvious shortage of supply. According to estimates VARPE, only in the Northern basin foreigners owned about 70% of the fleet with a total capacity of 22,5 thousand tons Exclusion of foreign vessels from chains transport and transshipment of products will lead to enormous losses of fishermen may, including the losses from the stop of the fishery and possible spoilage of products, warns Sergey Tarusov.

According to estimates of the German Zverev, the company that catches in the North 100 thousand tons of cod, haddock and capelin in the year because of the ban have, in addition to waste logistics $2 million

In addition, he continues, an urgent restructuring of the logistics routes due to the inability to work with ships belonging to foreigners during the peak fishing season can cost a company up to $1 million In overall additional costs of the industry could reach 12 billion rubles per year, estimated Mr. Zverev. According to Sergei Tarusova, the rising cost of transportation services can affect the final price of products. To fill the Russian market of sea transport is impossible today: a new fleet is not built, and the old court deducted, from his letters.

Herman Zverev believes that the law “About fishery” does not contain a definite prohibition on the use of marine vessels, foreign-owned, for transportation of aquatic biological resources (ABR).