A plane crash filmed from inside

A plane crash filmed from inside

The passengers of the airliner that crashed in the Republic of South Africa on 10 July, the video was removed from the window during the fall. Reported by the News.com.au.

Footage of a burning engine was removed traveler who sat in front of the left wing of the aircraft. “It’s getting worse. It’s very bad,” said a passenger behind the scenes.

During the download an error has occurred.

After a few minutes of shooting, the screen becomes black, then in the frame appears the smoky interior of the liner, which by that time had already fallen.

On 10 July it was reported that near the city of Pretoria in South Africa crashed passenger plane. The police said that the plane likely headed to the Wonderboom aerodrome are both and fell eight miles from it. The crash injured 20 people, two of them died.