The Prosecutor General’s office wants to interrogate in the case of Browder employees of the NSA and the CIA

The Prosecutor General’s office wants to interrogate in the case of Browder employees of the NSA and the CIA

MOSCOW, 17 Jul — RIA Novosti. Russia would like to interrogate on the case of the head of Fund Hermitage Capital of William Browder employees of the NSA, CIA, state Department, and representatives of special services of other countries, such as MI-6, said chief of Department of the Prosecutor General Aleksandr Kurennoy.

He called the names of some of these people. They are employees of the national security Agency USA Todd Hyman, who had signed sworn affidavits to the lawsuit in the American court according to Browder, Svetlana Engert, who took the stolen materials of the criminal case of Russia, Alexander Schwarzman, who took care of Browder during his stay in the United States, Jim Routh, a CIA agent, financial Manager Browder.

In addition, prosecutors would like to question Robert Otto , Deputy chief of the intelligence Directorate of the state Department, former assistant Secretary of state David Kramer and Jonathan Viner, Kyle Parker, who in 2009 was a member of the US Helsinki Commission, Michael McFaul, former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, under whose leadership was compiled memos to the state Department on the investigation of the Magnitsky case.

“And of course the recipients of illegal income, the brothers Ziff, long-term partners in the criminal business of William Browder,” said Kurennoy. He added that the Agency has questions not only to US citizens.

“Among others, I would have said agents of the special services of other States who have interacted with those people I previously mentioned. For example, I would love to chat with Christopher Steele. It is the agent of the British Mi-6. A long period of time, he had contact with a group of lobbyists of the Magnitsky act and, interestingly, it was through this man initiated the investigation of spectracolor Muller which we all know called “Dossier trump,” explained the Colonel.

Putin’s Statement

On the eve of President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Donald trump said that Russian investigators have reason to believe that some American intelligence officials helped Browder in the Commission of illegal transactions. If the United States insists on interrogation of Russians accused in the United States for any crimes, Russia has the right to expect reciprocal steps, the Russian leader said.