Russia is ready to assist in the investigation of the crash MH17

Russia is ready to assist in the investigation of the crash MH17

UN, 17 Jul — RIA Novosti. Moscow is ready to provide the documents and expertise to the investigation of the crash Malaysian Boeing in the Donetsk region in July 2014, however, the foreign partner is not very interested, said to journalists, the acting representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky.

He noted that “the investigation should incorporate the positions of all parties, including Russia.”

“The Russian materials, Russian data was denied several times, and, accordingly, were not included in the results of the investigation, at the same time, unfortunately, there are many links to social networks, and on very dubious groups on the Internet that may not be a reliable source of information in such cases”, — said the diplomat.

In addition, he said, “a large amount of data is not included in the investigation.”

“They (Western countries — ed.) just ignore us, we are not involved in the investigation, and they say that for them to decide whether they included material from Russia or not, trust our information or not. The same applies to the Ukrainian side. We believe that in the Ukrainian part of the investigation there is a lot of information that they have not requested and that is why we believe that the investigation is far from to be honest, complete and transparent,” — said Polanski.

Zampolpreda said that initially it remains one of the most important questions about “why the Ukrainians allowed the aircraft to enter the airspace, stationed in the combat zone, which is contrary to all norms of ICAO — International civil aviation organization”.