The US President has recognized the right of Germany to participate in the “Nord stream-2”

The US President has recognized the right of Germany to participate in the “Nord stream-2” Moscow. July 17. INTERFAX.RU — German Participation in the project of construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” is its choice, but it is fraught with big problems, says the President of the United States Donald trump. 9фотографий9фотографий9фотографий “It’s her choice, but this causes problems because it (Germany — Interfax) is a member of NATO,” he said in an interview with Fox News following the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. However, he noted that Germany “is paying Russia billions of dollars,” and that he had discussed the matter with German Chancellor Angela Merkel “in enough rigid tones” and waiting for the reaction. Previously, trump has stated that he considers unacceptable the flow “pipe dollars” from Europe to Russia and criticized the energy agreement between Berlin and Moscow. In March, Nord Stream AG 2

Found the script of Stanley Kubrick’s Novella, Stefan Zweig

Found the script of Stanley Kubrick’s Novella, Stefan Zweig In the UK, found lost more than half a century ago, the script by Stanley Kubrick. Directed in collaboration with writer Calder Willingham wrote it in 1956 on the Stefan Zweig Novella “Burning secret” (1913). Found the text Professor of cinematography Bangor University in Wales Nathan Abrams. Despite the fact that the script is fully completed, the film it did not put. As informs edition The Guardian, the probable cause was the failure of MGM to work on the project when it became clear that Stanley Kubrick already takes another movie — “Paths of glory”, which violated the terms of the contract. Another version of producer James B. Harris saw in the scenario building. The plot of the novel, mother and son, who suffers from asthma attack, come to the sanatorium, where they meet a mysterious stranger. The boy realizes that

Looks like the largest “natural bridge” (photo)

Looks like the largest “natural bridge” (photo) Until recently, outside of China about it no one knew. Extraordinary bridge, which is called “fairy”, is located in the Autonomous province of Guangxi in southern China. Once it was a limestone rock, but the water had washed away the lower part of and get huge arch. Publication by Escape Artist (@escapeartist_) Jun 26, 2017 at 4:41 am PDT During the download an error has occurred. The bridge is located away from the tourist routes, and therefore outside of China about this place long no one knew. Only in 2009 traveler Jay Wilbur saw the bridge on the map, and in 2010 he went to China personally to explore. After the measurements revealed that the Fairy bridge is the largest natural bridge in the world. Its length is 138 meters and a height of 71 meters. The Immortal or Xianren Bridge, the world’s

Scientists understand why some people don’t like beer

Scientists understand why some people don’t like beer The answer lay in the genetic predisposition. The thing is, as our brain processes a bitter taste and cold drinks. The bitter taste suggests a potential danger of the beverage, the degree of hostility to it some people have developed better, but we all have it. The majority of potential poisons have a bitter taste, therefore, the evolution we distinguish it better: in the human body there are 25 different types of bitter receptors (and salt only two). Each person receptors work differently. For only one receptor TAS2R16 bitter there are 17 different variants, according to LiveScience. It is not surprising that some genetic combinations form a dislike of beer. In addition, the carbonation in beer makes you feel like a cold drink (the same receptors indicate “cold” mint or the “heat” of cinnamon). Some people have noted increased sensitivity to this.

Putin called natural sympathy in Russia. during the election campaign

The US President Donald trump and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin © Mikhail Metzel/TASS HELSINKI, July 16. /TASS/. Sympathy, which arose in the Russian society to the address of Donald trump during his campaign for the U.S. presidency in 2016, was quite natural. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin at press conference following Russian-American summit.

Putin said that Russia negatively reacted to the inclusion in NATO of Georgia and Ukraine

© Alexey Nikolsky/TASS NEW YORK, July 17. /TASS/. Russia is “extremely negatively” would react to the further expansion of NATO to include Georgia and Ukraine. This was stated on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin. “For us it poses a direct threat to our security. The promotion infrastructure of NATO to our borders would represent a threat to us, and we shall treat it, of course, extremely negative”, – he said in an interview with Fox News channel, shown at the end of the meeting with President Donald trump in Helsinki.

The meeting of Putin and trump in Helsinki – the first step to normalize relations

The President of the United States Donald trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin (left to right) © AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais The U.S. and Russia have made an important first step towards the normalization of relations. This confidence in one voice expressed on Monday evening, the two presidents – Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. And this, of course, was mainly the result of their first full-length personal meeting, held on Monday in Helsinki. Initially, Moscow and Washington have played in lowering expectations. Written statements at the summit, it was decided not to accept. Both sides assured that they consider the fact of holding the meeting of leaders of major achievement. However, judging by the outcome of the conference, emphasized these modest expectations were surpassed. Turning four hours “We are pleased with our first full-scale meeting, said the Russian leader. – We had a good talk with President trump. I hope,

Putin advised American media to better understand the video about the weapons of the Russian Federation

Putin advised American media to better understand the video about the weapons of the Russian Federation Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied speculation the American media that is dedicated to the latest Russian weapons video as the target specified Florida advised reporters carefully study videos. 7фотографий7фотографий7фотографий “As for the videos, they do not show that the missile aimed at the United States. You should take a closer look at them,” he said in an interview with Fox News. The journalist of the TV channel in turn, said that the video supposedly “had the word Florida”. In response, the Russian leader proposed not to disseminate unverified information, and expressed readiness to give the reporter the original video. On March 1, during the presidential address to the Federal Assembly Putin presented samples of the latest Russian weapons: weapons “the Dagger”, “Sarmat” and “avant-garde”, as well as unmanned underwater vehicle and a missile

Foreigners will simplify the procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship

Foreigners will simplify the procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship Government Commission on legislative activities endorsed the amendments to the law “On citizenship of the Russian Federation”, simplifying the procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship. This “Izvestia” said a source familiar with the results of the meeting of the Commission. Clarifies that developed the interior Ministry, the amendments will allow the President to define the categories of foreigners who have the right to be Russians in a simplified manner. And the participants of the state program on rendering assistance to voluntary resettlement of compatriots will have the opportunity to apply for citizenship, even if they have no residence permit — for this you will need to issue a temporary residence permit or a residence permit. According to experts, the given measures will allow to accept citizens of the Russian Federation of compatriots living in countries with complex socio-political and economic situation, where

Scientists have learned how itchy fish

Scientists have learned how itchy fish Sockeye salmon often jumps out of the water and flies a considerable distance from the edge. It’s not a game, but an attempt to get rid of blood-sucking parasites, and while quite successful, found by biologists. Spawning sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) is a spectacular sight: bright red fish jump out of water to a height of 30 cm and are up to a meter of water. Quickly turning tail fins, each creature jumps out of the water an average of nine times a day. Fish do not jump obstacles, do not maneuver so for they seem to fly over the water. This week, the scientists published a study that explained that sockeye salmon jump and fly not from good life: it turns out they are trying to get rid of parasites. And wild and farmed salmonid fish, including sockeye salmon suffer from a small