Forbes named the highest paid celebrity

Forbes named the highest paid celebrity

American magazine Forbes has published a ranking of the highest paid celebrities in the world. In a list of 100 people, not a single Russian in it.

First place in the rating took the American boxer Floyd Mayweather. His income Forbes estimated at $285 million In second place — Hollywood actor George Clooney, whose annual income is estimated at $239 million rounded out the top three model Kylie Jenner. She, according to Forbes, earned for the year $ $ 166.5 million.

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The top ten rating also includes TV presenter Judith Sheindlin (valuation gains of $147 million), actor Dwayne Johnson ($124 million), the musicians of the groups U2 ($118 million collectively) and Coldplay ($115,5 million collectively), the players Lionel Messi ($111 million) and Cristiano Ronaldo ($108 million) and singer ed Sheeran ($110 million).

In the category of “Athletes” in the ranking of the highest paid celebrities also got fighter Conor McGregor ($99 million), footballer Neymar ($90 million), basketball player LeBron James ($85.5 million), tennis player Roger Federer ($77.2 million). The category “Actors” are Robert Downey Jr. ($81 million), Jackie Chan ($45.5 million), Tom cruise ($43 million) and others. While the list includes just two Actresses is Scarlett Johansson ($40.5 million) and Sofia Vergara ($42.5 million). Of the musicians here are, in particular, singers Bruno Mars ($100 million) and Justin Bieber ($83,5 million) and singer Katy Perry ($83 million). In addition, in the Forbes ranking of celebrities includes writers. Two is James Patterson ($86 million) and JK Rowling ($54 million).

In total, the incomes of the 100 highest paid celebrities reached $6.3 billion (before taxes). That’s 22% more than the previous year, Forbes notes.

The rankings, the publication assesses the income of stars between 1 June 2017 and 1 June 2018 If the assessment is not deducted the amount that the stars pay their managers, agents and lawyers. Data on income Forbes receives from companies Nielsen, Pollstar, IMDB, SoundScan, BookScan NPD and ComScore.