Detained in the United States Butina is not an agent of Russia, said the lawyer

Detained in the United States Butina is not an agent of Russia, said the lawyer

Russian Maria Butina, detained in Washington by the American secret services on suspicion of espionage, not tried to influence US policy. This statement was made by the lawyer sodejannoe Robert Neil Driscoll. The leader of the movement “Right to arms” Butina previously tried to establish links with the American National rifle Association, is a member and President of the United States Donald trump.

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The lawyer arrested by the us secret services, the Russians Maria Butunoi Robert Neil Driscoll said that his client was not trying in any way to influence US policy. The charges against 29-year-old butinai the charges “simply overblown”, and she is not an agent of Russian intelligence, said the lawyer.

Butino accused of unregistered activity on the territory of the United States as an agent of Russian influence. To it threatens till five years of imprisonment. Hearings held in the district of Columbia.

Maria Butina living in the United States in 2016 on a student visa F-1. She recently received a master’s degree in international relations at American University in Washington. In addition, Butinai have permission to work in the United States, it is engaged in construction business career, reports FAN.

Driscoll stressed that there is no evidence that Butina allegedly tried to undermine us policy or laws — it has only “tried to contribute to the improvement of relations between Russia and the USA”.

Maria Butina is known in Russia and the United States as a defender of the rights of citizens to keep and bear military arms. According to RIA “Novosti”, Butina in the United States was trying to establish a connection with the American National rifle Association (National Rifle Association, NRA — “Газета.Ru”). For this she has maintained contact with the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Alexander Torshin, former member of the Federation Council from the Republic of Mari El, an assistant who worked earlier Butina.

Annual meeting of the members of the National Rifle Association USA (NRA) April 10-12, 2015 Nashville, tn


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The fact that Torshin since 2011 he is a life member of the NRA, and from April 2018 is under U.S. sanctions.

Communication Torshin with Butynol and the NRA used the American media as proof of a conspiracy of the President of the United States Donald trump is also a member of the Association with the Kremlin. Washington believed that its task was the penetration in the organization having influence on American policy, and the promotion of the Russian interests.

One of the episodes, appearing in the case against Butinai — her visit to the National prayer Breakfast in Washington in the late winter of 2017. She was there in the Russian delegation of 16 people representing Russian public movement “Right to arms”. This organization has more than 5 thousand members in Russia and advocates the right to possession and use of firearms for civil defense.

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The format of the event in Washington, according to Butini, do not assume communication with any of the administration of the President of the United States.

Several months Butina cooperated with the US authorities on the background of the charges against her accusations because of contacts with US officials and Russia. For eight hours she gave evidence in the special Committee on intelligence U.S. Senate, leaving “thousands of documents”.

In addition, she offered to testify spectracolor USA Robert Muller, investigating the alleged attempt by the Russian intervention in the us elections — but the team of Mueller this proposal was not interested.