Aston Martin has unveiled a premium flying taxi

Aston Martin has unveiled a premium flying taxi

British manufacturer of prestige cars Aston Martin has presented his vision of future transport. Flying taxi Vision Volante is a hybrid transport with futuristic design for urban and intercity transportation.


When creating a concept Vision Volante designers and engineers at Aston Martin relied on modern technology to the aerospace industry.

On the body of a flying taxi Aston Martin placed a horizontal turbo and few moving propellers. According to regulations, taxis are equipped with autopilot system, and the information will be projected on the glass. The cabin fit three people.

Thus the company in the future wants to save people from another profession and make transporting rich people more convenient and faster.

It is understood that this is only the opinion of the company for the transport of the future. No one knows when in real life will appear something like this and how much it will cost to fly.

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