Abandoned Ukrainian base had found a battle-ready tanks

Abandoned Ukrainian base had found a battle-ready tanks

MOSCOW, 17 Jul — RIA Novosti. Two stalkers found an abandoned Ukrainian military base in which there are fully operational tanks. The video published on the YouTube channel of Dima Total.

The authors of the movie in the description it said that investigated abandoned objects in search of a bunker or bomb shelters, when they came upon the three hundreds of old Soviet tanks, and after that found about ten “new” T-64 and a cargo vehicle for their transportation.

According to stalkers, the war machines were seals and they are in full combat readiness.

The location of the database the authors of the video did not disclose.

Earlier, the former Ukrainian military Alex Bobovnikov said that the actual capacity of the plant producing modern Ukrainian tanks “Hold” is only ten cars per year. Thus, to provide one armored brigade required hundreds of machines, Kiev will need ten years, and to this term “Bulwark” is, according to him, is already obsolete.

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