Archaeologists have found a “mummy factory” the last pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

Archaeologists have found a “mummy factory” the last pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

MOSCOW, 16 Jul — RIA Novosti. Scientists discovered on the territory of Saqqara, the ancient necropolis of Egypt, a kind of “factory of the mummies” the last independent dynasty of the pharaohs, three dozen of her “clients” and many artifacts related to the process of embalming bodies. the results of the excavations says the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt.

“The opening of only one precious masks in this workshop in itself was a unique event for us, since all of these artifacts, except for two discoveries in the first half of the 20th century, was stolen by tomb robbers in antiquity,” said Hussein Ramadan (Ramadan Hussein), excavation Director and Professor at the University of tübingen (Germany).

Hussein and his colleagues carried out excavations on the site of Saqqara for several years, using the most modern methods of the natural Sciences, including three-dimensional laser scanners and radars.

Two years ago his team began excavations in the South of the necropolis where the tombs of 26th dynasty of pharaohs, who ruled Egypt after his release from the dominion of Assyria in the days of his conquest of the Persian Empire.

Such measures helped to unite the country and drive out the Assyrians, but literally a hundred years Egypt was conquered a new “superpower” of antiquity — the Persian Achaemenid Empire, thus ending its independent history.

Initially, as noted by Hussein, his team tried to find a few of the famous tombs of the pharaohs of this dynasty, opened in the late 19th century and buried under new layers of sand and other sediments.