In the United States experienced a passenger quadcopter. For flights it does not need a pilot’s license

In the United States experienced a passenger quadcopter. For flights it does not need a pilot’s license

The us company unveiled an electric Opener personal BlackFly aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing. It is designed to carry one person. The company argued that the management of the apparatus is extremely simple, requires no special skills, and for flying in the USA do not require a pilot’s license. Certification of the BlackFly in the United States and Canada has been completed.

Today many companies engaged in the development of a new individual aircraft to be used not only as a private transport, but in the air taxi business. It comes as a different sort hoverbike (flying motorcycles) and about flying vehicles and small electric aircraft.

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BlackFly is a quadcopter with the front and rear wings, which are four electric motors with propellers. Wings set at an angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the fuselage. In this setup, with vertical takeoff and landing the pilot is back to earth, and the transition to horizontal flight is sitting.

The aircraft has a length of 4 meters, height — 1.5 meters and a wingspan of 4.2 m. BlackFly is designed to be a pilot growing up to 2 metres and weighing up to 113 kilograms. In the technical description stated that the machine is designed for flight at air temperatures from 0 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. The machine can take off and land on land and water.

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BlackFly design allows takeoffs and landings with gusts of wind of up to 11 meters per second. In mass production BlackFly will be available in two versions — for the US and for the world market. These versions will differ from each other by the battery capacity, range and maximum speed. Features the American version will be specially reduced.

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In particular, the American version will get a battery capacity of 8 kWh. She will be able to perform flights on distance up to 40 kilometers at speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour. For comparison, the battery capacity of the international version will be 12 kilowatt-hours. This device will be able to fly to a distance of 65 km at speeds up to 130 kilometers per hour.

On-Board electronic system will help to operate the machine during takeoff and landing and stabilize horizontal flight. In BlackFly implemented a function to automatically hold position in hover mode. The car also received a primitive autopilot — horizontal flight in a straight line at specified speed and altitude.

In addition, BlackFly implemented a function to automatically return to the point of takeoff and automatic landing. In case of an accident in the rear fuselage of the apparatus can be installed ballistic parachute. When it planned to start selling cars, is still unknown.

Last year the American company Kitty Hawk, the financing of which involved Google co-founder Larry page, have experienced a single quadcopter developed for a short flight over the city. The development was named Flyer belongs to the class hoverball. The machine made its first flight over the lake in the suburbs of San Francisco.

Vasily Sychev