Abramovich bought a penthouse in London for 30 million pounds

Abramovich bought a penthouse in London for 30 million pounds

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought the penthouse in London for 30 million pounds, despite visa problems. About it writes The Times.

The penthouse is located in a skyscraper near Stamford bridge, the home stadium belonging to the businessman of football club “Chelsea”. In this tower there are 75 apartments, but Abramovich is the biggest, said to The Times. According to the newspaper, the area of the new real estate billionaire — 6 000 sq m of Windows overlooking the Thames. In addition, Abramovich paid £ 85,000 for underground Parking spaces.

The billionaire bought a penthouse before the visa problem, The Times noted. However, the team of architects and designers continue to work on it, clarifies the issue.

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Abramovich was in the UK on an investor visa, which expired in April 2018 While the official cancellation was not the issue of a new delayed. Later it became known that he had received Israeli citizenship. According to Israeli passport to live in the UK no more than 90 days out of 180. Application for British visas, the billionaire recalled, wrote The Sun.

This is not the only property of Abramovich abroad, writes The Times: a billionaire has a mansion with 15 bedrooms at the most expensive street in the UK, a Villa in France and three townhouses in new York. In addition, he owns a mansion in the heart of tel Aviv, the newspaper Times of Israel.

Abramovich is included into number of the richest businessmen of Russia according to Forbes. The publication estimates his fortune at $10.8 billion.