The police stopped the car and witnessed a proposal of marriage

The police stopped the car and witnessed a proposal of marriage

Twitter users came out in anger from this story.

The officer of traffic police by the name Nuttall during his duty in Shirehampton in England stopped to check the grey VW and found out that the driver was uninsured. But during the conversation it turned out that the driver took the risk to travel without documents for a very important reason — he wanted to make his girlfriend a romantic proposal outside of town.

Since he was stopped by police and he was forced to explain himself, the young man had nothing to do but to ask the hand of his beloved on the track in the presence of law enforcement officers. Moreover, the driver asked the police to photograph the moment of the proposal. And he refused.

Immediately after the girl said the coveted “Yes”, the police published a photo and the story on Twitter.

#UnforgetableProposal This couple were stopped by PC Nuttall in Shirehampton and after having the vehicle seized for no insurance the man said he was taking his girlfriend out to propose, so PC asked Nuttall to film as he asked her at the roadside! She said “Yes!” @ASPolice

— The Tri-Force Police (@Tri_Force) July 9, 2018

This pair was stopped by officer Nutella in Shirehampton. After the car was seized for lack of insurance, the man said he brought the girl to propose to her. So he asked the officer to capture the moment! She said “Yes!”.

Despite the seemingly cute story, users of the social network was infuriated by the “incompetence” of the police, noting that to do a photo with the offender — this is not cool.

Later, the police added that the driver was prosecuted, and the vehicle was seized.

But angry users is not reassured.

Is this for real?? It’s a joke right???

— A Woman Called Pearl (@snowy_autumn) July 9, 2018

You do seriously? Is this a joke?

Next they will be congratulating him for robbing a jewellers for an engagement ring ?

— A Woman Called Pearl (@snowy_autumn) July 10, 2018

Next time they will congratulate him for the jewelry store Heist when he steals an engagement ring.

And then you arrested him right?

— Vince Danley (@VinceDanley) July 9, 2018

You arrested him after that, right?

The officer who posted this said they were never let off, just that could PC Nuttall could film the proposal

— Phil Bessant (@PhilBessant2) July 9, 2018

Whoever posted this picture, not saying that boys were released. He only said that the officer agreed to photograph them.