The American took video of the “amazing” adventures of lemon

The American took video of the “amazing” adventures of lemon

One can look at it endlessly.

Writer and photographer Mike Sakasegawa of San Diego took action the video from which it is simply impossible to put down. Nothing special about it — just a big lemon rolls on the street. But for his two-minute “adventures” enjoyed watching until the very end.

On the way the lemon overcomes various obstacles in the form of leaves and imperfections of the asphalt, but still can not stop.

From the street came the fruit, Mike knows — he saw it already rolling on the road.

In the comments netizens began to discuss the adventures of the lemon and the plot of the video, noting that it is much more interesting than most modern movies.

By the way, Mike later wrote that he could not leave this “brave” lemon in the middle of the street and took him to his home. This happy ending caused a storm of emotions among users.

Today as I was walking home after my run I saw a large lemon rolling down the hill. It kept rolling for about a quarter mile. And now you can see it, too.

— Mike Sakasegawa (@sakeriver) 11 Jul 2018

Today I came home after my run and saw this huge lemon that rolled down the hill. It rolled about 400 metres. And now you can too, to look at it.

I felt bad about leaving the large lemon in the gutter so I went back, retrieved it, took it home and washed it off.

— Mike Sakasegawa (@sakeriver) 11 Jul 2018

I felt that I could not leave this big lemon on the street in the mud. Then I came back, took it home and washed.

I feel like this is a statement about storytelling. If the video had been 20-30 seconds, it wouldn’t have gotten the same reaction. But the fact that it goes on for so long makes you *invested* in the outcome, like Go Lemon, go!! Like the raccoon that climbed the building…

— Grace Prasad (@GraceLP) 11 Jul 2018

I think this is a cool story. If the video was only 20-30 seconds, this reaction would not have happened. But due to the fact that everything takes so long, it draws you in. You empathize: “Come on, lemon, get it!” It’s like a raccoon, crawling on the wall of the building.

It even has a bit of drama to it, in the slowing and starting again.

— Mike Sakasegawa (@sakeriver) 11 Jul 2018

It was a real drama: it was almost stopped, but then continued to roll on.

This has simultaneously been the most peaceful and the most stressful part of my day.

— Scott Hopfinger (@scottyhop76) 11 Jul 2018

Watching this video was relaxing and most stressful part of my day.

Why did I just spend nearly 2 minutes watching a fruit roll? I could have stopped at any time.

But I didn’t.


— ????? ??? ?????? (@DrunkenStrategy) 12 Jul 2018

Why did I just spent almost two minutes of his time watching the rolling fruit? I could stop at any time. But I didn’t stop. Why?

A better story than 50% of movies.

— Jedi Jim (@Imagineer2018) 12 Jul 2018

This story is better than 50% of the movies.

That brought a smile to my face. I wonder how long it rolled before you saw it.

— Ruth Owen (@Brinestowen) 11 Jul 2018

It made me smile. I wonder how long he was rolling before you noticed him.

We are all the lemon ?

— Neal Rogers (@nealrogers) 12 Jul 2018

We all love this little lemon!