In the chamber of Commerce stated that the changes in the pension system of Russia is inevitable

In the chamber of Commerce stated that the changes in the pension system of Russia is inevitable

The head of CCI Sergey Katyrin noted that consensus was necessary regarding the fact how will pass the pension maneuver in the country.

MOSCOW, July 12. /TASS/. Changes in the Russian pension system is inevitable, because the current ratio of pensioners and employed does not promise increase of pensions. This was stated by TASS, the President Trading-industrial chamber of the Russian Federation (RF CCI) Sergey Katyrin.

“Understand, in my opinion, reform is inevitable, that to date, one non-performing ratio is 1.2 employees. This, of course, does not promise all no not that increase in pensions, but even maintain that there is,” said Katyrin.

In addition, according to him, the necessary consensus on how to pass the pension maneuver in the country, and last Thursday a round table in the chamber of Commerce entitled, “How to reform the pension system for sustainable socio-economic development of Russia” have shown that questions on pension subjects are now many.

“In General, the key two words: trust and consensus. The first is that the whole reform needs to be credible. And the second is, of course, consensus. There are many questions that hung in the air, and yet there are no answers and in the proposed bills, and in General in the proposed reform. Today [at the round table in the chamber of Commerce] many have voiced, I have them all I will not enumerate. The trade unions asked us this question: pension money is whose money? Government, employer, pensioner? But other issues related to employment. Because an increasing number of employees, and to ensure that the number increased, we need to have the appropriate number of jobs,” — said the head of the chamber of Commerce.

Should be a road map of how all of this will happen. Who could absorb such a number appears willing to work? Rather, it is a small business, and, therefore, need then here. And so on.Sergey Cateringove TPP

He added that during the round table in the chamber of Commerce has made a lot of suggestions: what should be included in a road map of the pension changes and how to work with pension money, to have confidence in the private pension funds, and that the country appeared “long” money for investment projects and the economy.

On pension changes

On 16 June, the Russian government submitted to the state Duma a package of bills on changes in the pension system. They stipulate a gradual increase in age of retirement to 65 years for men (by 2028) and up to 63 years for women (to 2034). The increase is proposed to carry out in stages from 2019. Currently the retirement age for men and women is 60 and 55 years respectively.

It is planned that the document will be considered until the end of the spring session (end of July) only in the first reading. According to the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, the law will be adopted in the autumn. Raising the retirement age does not affect current retirees is about 46.5 million people. They will continue to receive all previously assigned pension and social payments.