“The degree of absurdity of the charges through the roof”

“The degree of absurdity of the charges through the roof”

Lawyer Karina Tsurkan in an interview with “Kommersant FM” — about the criminal case.

In the top-Manager of “inter RAO” Karina Tsurkan, which is accused of espionage, appeared new details. According to investigators, she began to work with the Moldovan secret services in 2004. About this “Kommersant FM” said attorney Turcan, Ivan Pavlov, who got acquainted with the indictment. Member of the Board of “inter RAO” was arrested in June. According to sources RBC, she was able to declassify a scheme of electricity supply in the Crimea and the Donbass. She Turcan considers criminal case by attempt to remove her from office. The indictment contains numerous inconsistencies, the investigators refuse to give evidence, said in an interview with “Kommersant FM” the lawyer of a top-Manager of “inter RAO” Ivan Pavlov.

— What are the charges against Karina Tsurkan? What motivations are already known to a consequence? And what are your next steps?

— The charge is very short. The text of the charges — just three paragraphs, which fit on half a page of A4 sheet. No explanations are provided, but simply alleged that on August 16, 2004, she was not transparent, confidential agent of the Moldovan intelligence services, and on 21 April 2015, got, and, it is not clear under what circumstances, an electronic version of the document Ministry of energy on certain aspects of the actions of the Russian energy companies on the channel of international cooperation.

When Carina saw the title of this document, she didn’t even understand what all these papers are. Because it is the name somehow echoes the terminology of the intelligence services. I believe that the FSB likes to use a term such as “international cooperation.”

This terminology is not from the field of energy, and national security.

Further the indictment alleges that in September of 2015 — state the specific date she gave the document, again it is not clear under what circumstances and how, in the Moldovan secret service. This is the substance of the charges. No explanation, nor even, so to speak, some description of the circumstances under which were committed by these steps, the charges are not given. The investigator refuses to explain anything. Accordingly, we are going to insist that these explanations were given.

— Do I understand correctly that any other material things you have not yet got access?