In Russia will introduce the GOST fire safety

In Russia will introduce the GOST fire safety

GOST fire safety relating to the work of offices, administrative institutions, commercial enterprises and other organizations, will appear in Russia.

Nestandarta of the project “Organization of production control in the field of fire safety” developed by the technical Committee (established on the basis of National Union organizations in the field of fire safety (NAPB).

It is noted that initially apply azstandart organizations on a voluntary basis, but in 2-3 years will make it mandatory. Checking for GOST will be carried out at least once a month.

Expert reports will be forwarded to the MOE, and also be stored in the open national register.

The draft GOST who can be responsible for fire safety, and what knowledge and skills he must possess.

The purpose of nestandarta is to increase the level of fire safety in the country.